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Automa started as customized IOT solutions provider. We handled multiple sector of IOT projects, starting from manufacturer, mining, utility and logistic. Collaborating closely with distribution company / partners gave us insight to develop our products to tackle the issues in supply chain business. Now Automa deliver supply chain IOT solution with flexible business model as SAAS , PASS and Pay-per API Call basis pricing model. Along with the widespread implementation of Sustainable Procurement as an action to tackle Global Warming, people start to assess carbon emissions emitted by traded item. Applied in Business to Business (B2B) transactions, procurators can choose goods with carbon emission levels that are in accordance with the carbon budget set by their institutions. In addition, carbon emission assessments can also be given to sales with a Business to Customer (B2C) model on brands that claim to sell green products or sell with Green Premium accessories to avoid the practice of greenwashing. Unfortunately, practicing sustainable procurement in full only possible after a community practice sustainable supply chain. Nowadays, developing countries that still left behind on the supply chain visibility as the main pillar, have problems on applying sustainable supply chain.