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Founded in 2002, AramHuvis started as a specializing in analysis device company. AramHuvis is a global hidden champion for distributing skin & hair analysis devices to more than 70 countries and Loreal, P&G group, Shiseido Professioanl, Amore Pacific etc., the world's top glass cosmetics companies. In 2015, we worked with SNU faculty to expand our business towards customized skincare and healthcare businesses. AramHuvis opened the skin reseach department(R&D Lab) in 2003 and has continued to innovate by making aggressive R&D investments. We also developped "AI Scalp Grader’. ‘AI Scalp Grader’ is 100% customized AI scalp & hair measurement & diagnosis solution for each individual using more than 100,000 scalp big data that AI learnt through deep learning based on EfficientNet which is specialized in Image Evaluation.

Aram Huvis