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IGLOO SECURITY(CEO: Lee Deuk-choon) was established in November 1999 witha goal of becoming a global information security company. In the earlyinformation protection market where firewall and anti-virus products wereregarded as the only security, IGLOO SECURITY pioneered and led the domesticintegrated security management market, and since then, it has endeavored itseffort in realizing the key technology for accelerating the innovation in theworking environment and working method, as well as reinforcing security. IGLOO SECURITY has long prepared for building integrated security systems forpreemptively responding to security risks that are becoming ever moresophisticated based on long experience and rich competency in integratedsecurity management and Managed Security Services service areas. Also, it hasintroduced various security solutions and services in diverse areas from networkto end point through consistent investment in R&D. The integrated security management solution ‘SPiDER TM’ resolves the complexityof security management by integrally saving, searching and analyzing diversesecurity data collected from heterogeneous information protection systems.It has continuously been taking the top market share in Korea since its launch. From now on, IGLOO SECURITY shall devote its utmost energy in obtaining thefuture growth momentum through cooperation with leading companies inKorea. Through acquisitions of companies with advanced technology, theintegration of innovative technology and cooperation of talented people can bepromoted, leading to creating a greater synergy that can bring up thecompetitiveness of the information security industry.