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Stand No: Suntec Singapore Level 6 6K2-05
Country / Origin: ITALY
ContentWise is the leading user experience management solution for pay TV, broadcast, OTT and streaming operators. ContentWise helps its customers’ marketing, editorial and content acquisition teams predict user intent, personalize the watching experience, optimize content performance and automate programming. ContentWise software suite combines UI personalization, self-tuning automation, editorial management tools, predictive analytics, testing and targeting capabilities. ContentWise customers are leading operators worldwide, including Cablevisión Argentina, iStreamPlanet, Mediaset, MultiMedia Polska, RTE, SK Broadband and Sky.



ContentWise - Knowledge Factory
The ContentWise Knowledge Factory is a software product to manage the quality and the lifecycle of content metadata.The Knowledge Factory focuses on the needs of content-centric services that have arisen in the recent times, namely multi-catalog consolidation and metadata cleanup and enrichment in order to support features that have become critical for the consumer facing content business such as content discovery, universal search and personalized recommendations, all of which are extremely sensitive to the quality of content metadata.

ContentWise - UX Engine
ContentWise is the UX automation software suite for Pay TV, OTT, VOD and streaming services. ContentWise features include multi-screen UI management, dynamic content personalization, predictive search and discovery, editorial automation, A/B testing, UX performance analytics, metadata management, and API-based integration with major TV platforms. Operators use the ContentWise automation suite to increase catalog utilization, optimize ARPU, increase subscriber retention, lower development costs and simplify editorial programming.