Analysis and Instrumentation, Analytical Instruments, Autoclave, Balance, Bath / Circulator, Biosafety Cabinet, BOD/COD Meter, Calorimeter, Centrifuge, Food Analysis Equipment, Fume Hood, Heating Mantle, Incubator, Laboratory Instrument, Laboratory Sieve Shakers, Material Characterization / Identification & Testing, Microbiology, Moisture Balance, Rheometer, Spectrometer / Spectrophotometer, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Viscometer, Water Analytical Instrument
Established on 21st September 1989 with name PT. Transindotama Sinar Perkasa, as a company, which sells laboratory equipments in a quite big scale. With look to advantages and lacks of the existence products and after the learning process to achieve the company, which more exist in laboratory analysis business in Indonesia, now company more concern to technology and innovations development of the sale products.In market the products, at the moment PT. Transindotama Sinar Perkasa already covered whole Indonesian area. PT. Transindotama Sinar Perkasa also has been being the representative of many laboratory products brands for Indonesian area, which serves big either small scale with competitive prices. To maximize the services, PT. Transindotama Sinar Perkasa provides maintaining and repairing services, which handled by experienced engineers in one Technical Dept.Vision: To be the strongest company in laboratory analysis business in Indonesia.