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he DEVIL NUT brand continues to grow and evolve with the development of five subcollections and one children's collection. The DEVIL NUT also inject energy into the brand by launching crossover collections in diversed area of domains. The five sub-series are DN CLASSIC, DN FIGHT CLUB, DN PARTY, DN SPORTS and DN FAMILY. Clothing types: T-shirt, polo-shirt, jacket, unlined upper garment, windproof jacket, cotton-padded jacket, down clothing, jeans, linen trousers, skirt and so on. Apparel types: Shoes,belt,watch, bag, glasses , scarf, hat, glove , rug & bedclothes. Brand Elements: Emphasized on originality and the personality as well as the existence feeling.Camouflage paint - each kind of composition structure camouflage paint and continual square design. Interesting cartoon characters cross fusion with sarcastic feel ,.Main symbol, big, bold caps with slogan .Empty boasting & bold apparel, Lovers elements (Design for both genders, possible to pair the same product on our product line) Pattern Impulsive, feeling of existence, cartoon, trendy, street look. Colour Coagulated, bright, rich, contrasts,