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◆About plantica plantica is a floral design team founded by floral artist Takashi Kimura. It has created over 200 types of floral patterns that are loved by many brands and has collaborated with these brands on joint products and spatial design. Among its collaborators are LUMINE Department Store, Starbucks, Shiseido, Kitty, Wacoal, PUMA, CONVERSE, Vivaenne Tam and others. It combines the traditional Japanese flower arrangement aesthetics that last for about 600 years and the Western flower arrangement techniques,At the same time that its innovative flower art is expanded in three-dimensional works, as a completely new textile pattern called "real flower pattern"From fashion apparel, lifestyle miscellaneous goods, home decoration products, it is used for commercial facilities and hotel space production etc. ◆TAKASHI KIMURA His contemporary flower arrangements and large scale installation are based on the aesthetics of Ikebana, traditional Japanese flower arrangement. In addition to creating flower decors and space designs for various haute couture salons, he has exhibited site-specific installations in venues such as LVMH group, Starbucks, Nike, and Shiseido etc. As an emerging cultural figure, he appeared in television commercials for the Japanese clothing brand “UNIQLO”, and the French TV station “Canal Plus” and the the Japanese “NHK World” broadcast a documentary program on his art.

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