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Since kimmik was founded in Berlin in 2018, "fun" has been the brand gene we are trying to shape. Printing is our soul. Every printing produced by kimmik is not just a pattern - it represents a way of life and attitude towards life, even a cultural miniature of a city. Berlin, the birthplace of kimmik, is also a free soul capital that has been yearned for by artists all over the world. Here, art becomes the nutrition of people's breath, and fashion is not only popular, but also the expression, resistance and reconstruction of society, value and self of a generation. Visual artist, fashion photographer, cross-border designer. Graduated from the central St. Martin School of art and design in the UK, he moved to Berlin, Germany, and founded kimmik, a lifestyle brand. Ye Zile's works are between reality and illusion, and his writing style has the epic narrative sense of "Adult Fairy Tale" and strong and unique visual impact.

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