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PayKey helps telcos, banks and e-wallets boost customer engagement, enabling users to access key services from any app. This is made possible by our patented Social Payment Solution, which is integrated with the service provider’s app. This solution places our customer’s services always in front of their users. PayKey is already driving value in the financial sector, used by a dozen of leading banks around the world, including HSBC, Standard Chartered and ING.



Social Telco Solution
Social Telco Solution
Social messaging apps are becoming a prominent communication channel for customers at all ages. This is particularly true for millennials (aged 18-35). While banks and telcos already offer their services through dedicated apps, using them requires leaving the messaging app and disrupting the natural flow of the social conversation. PayKey’s solution seamlessly integrates these services in the context of the mobile behavior patterns, enabling an instant, frictionless digital experience. Implementing PayKey helps service providers keep their brand and services always in front of customers, effectively promoting revenue generating services and positioning themselves as innovation leaders.