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Stand No: Suntec Singapore Level 4 4V3-01
Country / Origin: SWEDEN
Cavena develops and delivers solutions for 2 rows of text on any device. It is all about those 2 rows of text – subtitles – presented on time and removed on time. With many different TV and screen technologies to manage – it still is all about those 2 rows of text in any language. Be it left to right or right to left, Chinese or Hindi, everything can be handled by a subtitling system from Cavena.



Subtitling Data for OTT platforms
OTT or Over The Top streaming is the delivery of videos over the open internet to multiple devices. Traditional IPTV uses managed IP networks to deliver DVB signals to Set Top Boxes. The main technical difference is that OTT uses HTTP/TCP to easily configure through firewalls and NATs. Cavena has a solution to provide your OTT platform with subtitle data.

Subtitling Filebased Payout our Transcode
Subtitle Transmission Unit (STU) is a subtitle encoder and renderer, with one STU catered for one channel. STU can be used as a stand alone for offline encoding or as part of a play out system where STU is controlled by a Subtitle Transmission Controller (STC).