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    Animation/Comic/Two-dimensional Culture;Cartoon characters, Virtual idols;Game;Film/TV/broadcast;Network video/varieties;Character;Corporate brands/Automotive brands;Brand agent

Lead Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a content business platform with animation ,cultural IP creation and commercial operations. The company's business covers animation planning and creation, product design research and development, and product sales and extended product licensing. The service target ranges from children to young and trendy people. The company upholds the spirit and boundaries of content creation based on local and global perspectives. At the same time, companies in the trend market IP field have also launched trendy brand images with different regions such as China, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Thailand. In the context of a competitively motivated market, the company always adheres to the creation and polishing of high-quality IP content and possesses professional and dedicated IP management capabilities, bringing high-quality entertainment to consumers while bringing market-oriented products to outstanding creators at home and abroad chance.

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