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Shenyang Hangbo Culture Promotion Partners

  • Product category
    Animation/Comic/Two-dimensional Culture;Museum/Musesum authorized agent;Corporate brands/Automotive brands

Shenyang Hangbo Culture Promotion Partners is a cultural and creative development brand on the basis of the original Shenyang Linlang Stationery Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Aerospace University. The company was founded on September 5th, 2017. Relying on a strong design team and promotion platform,it has continuously been making breakthroughs in innovation to develop a new and diverse variety of cultural and creative products. After being put on the market, it won the favor of many customers.At this stage, the company is working on the development of cultural products in the Northeast China. At present, Hangbo Culture has formed a cultural ecosystem of “own IP+ content production and operation + derivative development and design+cross-industry cooperation + online and offline retail”. Through the full integration and utilization of resources and effective combination of various links, the cross-promotion of different cultural products accelerates the construction of the cultural ecosystem, realizes ecological operation, and creates a better spiritual consumption experience for the public.

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