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Shanxi Shrub Culture Media Ltd

  • Product category
    Animation/Comic/Two-dimensional Culture;Cartoon characters, Virtual idols;Independent artist/studio

COMPANY BRIEF The Shrub comes from the Book of poetry Getan Shanxi Shrub Culture Media Ltd, founded in the end of 2012, is a high-tech culture company which balances scientific and technological innovation with cultural creativity. As is said in the Book Getan: yellow bird to fly, perched in the shrubs, chirping melodiously and beautifully. The dwarf bushes never pursue the straightness and nobility of betula platyphylla, nor pursue the towering stands of pine and cypress. Instead, they are in pursuit of mountainous, wide spread of land. Now the company has established some subsidiary companies:The ZINAN(animation ), The SPRING(games app), Shanxi Shrub Culture(Business operations)