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Shanghai Phoenix Media Co.,ltd

  • Product category
    Network video/varieties;Museum/Musesum authorized agent;Art museum/Gallery;Curator/Curation company;Independent artist/studio;Corporate brands/Automotive brands;Brand agent;Sport events/club;Others

Phoenix Media is a leading IP licensee and marketing company that holds exclusive rights to many of the China’s finest art, cities and cultural properties, such as National Museum, National library, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation , Jingdezhen city, Henan Province etc. Phoenix Media has cooperated with governments such as Jingdezhen city, Zhengzhou, Luoyang to create the new images of the cities, build up the bridge between China and abroad, also operate the culture and communication activities among the cities Leveraging the latest global art, fashion and lifestyle trends, Phoenix Media carefully selects artifacts to develop IP themes and libraries based on these insights. These assets allow retail partners to create unique products that are attractive and aspirational to consumers.