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Shanghai Jupiter Creative Design Co., Ltd

  • Product category
    Animation/Comic/Two-dimensional Culture;Game

We are 7Doc, original cartoon workshop subordinated to Shanghai Jupiter Creative Design Co., Ltd. . Since 2013, we focused on producing CG for video game, outsourcing of animation and film and television products, and cultivating our own original animation. And we creates,designs,manufactures,licenses and marktes a diversified portfolio of innovative derivatives. "Aotu World" and "Blade of Avengers",our original animation has been got more than 400 million views in China. There are two main forms of cooperation we are seeking: First, as our own IP, Aotu World, has been one of the most popular animation in china,and has been export to Japan、Taiwan and Russia.So we hope to export our animations and sale derivatives to more territories. Secondly, Since we mainly produce 3DCG animations, so we have a great team with 3D technology,we hope to cooperate with other animation companies to produce excellent animations.