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  • Product category
    Animation/Comic/Two-dimensional Culture;Cartoon characters, Virtual idols;Game

LINE FRIENDS is a global character brand which originally started from BROWN & FRIENDS, created for use as stickers for leading mobile messenger app LINE and its 200 million active users worldwide. Taking a step further, the company has emerged as a global content creator by offering diversified content based on its wide array of Intellectual Property(IP)s including 'BT21', characters created together with global boy band BTS, 'Animation Running Man', 'ROY6' and 'Usamaru'. LINE FRIENDS is taking the unprecedented approach of shifting from a conventional character business to becoming a global creative studio by focusing on IP & content including but not limited to merchandise, retail, animations, games, cafes, and hotels. LINE FRIENDS is also setting itself apart from other character brands by leading the change in culture consumption among millennials and generation Z by providing numbers of interactive content with a continued focus on being a global creative studio equipped with its global presence, design capability, diversified IPs and retail business. Recently, LINE FRIENDS announced partnerships with the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, Netflix and global mobile game developer SUPERCELL, offering high-quality content to its fans worldwide and enhancing the company’s competitiveness in global content.

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