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Golden Liong Culture Co.Ltd

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    Animation/Comic/Two-dimensional Culture

King of Lion Dance, affectionately called “Asing” by people, is a Chinese LOMO brand based on the traditional lion dance culture and was born in Foshan in March, 2018. With red hair, blue whiskers and big bright eyes, Asing, unlike the traditional style lion heads, has a lively face that is particularly well-received among the young. That is attributable to Asing’s creator who, based on the Li Family’s lion image, revised some features of lion dance to cater to the public taste. Asing, based on the lion dance of Foshan, came into being just over one year ago. But its bright colors and modern design elements have drawn extensive attention. Over 50 authorized products have been launched in such categories as accessories and clothes. A movie based on Asing will be rolled out as well. The positioning for Asing is to be the top brand of the Chinese lion dance culture, conveying independence, courage, confidence, enthusiasm and strength. The slogan is “Asing awakens your inner self”. Asing, born from the collision and combination of the traditional elements and modern elements currently in vogue, aspires to lead the revitalization of China’s traditional culture. We hope that Asing, a symbol of Chinese culture, can assert itself in the international market like an awakened lion, boosting Chinese people’s cultural confidence.

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