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Floating Feather

  • Product category
    Animation/Comic/Two-dimensional Culture;Novel/Literature;Film/TV/broadcast;Museum/Musesum authorized agent;Curator/Curation company;Independent artist/studio

Floating Feather is a change agent and a platform for Sino-Dutch (European) arts and cultural projects where cross-disciplinary ideas are developed and integrated. It initiates & facilitates tailor-made collaborations between creative organisations, innovators, makers, creators and like-minded professionals. Floating Feather brings knowledge, resources and networks from China and Europe on board, it then transfers them into sensible exchanges and dialogues. Floating Feather’s projects aim at creating long-lasting relationships and sustainable growth with our strategic partners both online and offline.

IP Preview

Dutch museums, European award-winning illustrators, well-known European artists, award-winning Children's books, authors (some have become theater performances, cartoons)