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Dori Culture Communication (Shanghai) Ltd., Co

  • Product category
    Animation/Comic/Two-dimensional Culture;Cartoon characters, Virtual idols;Film/TV/broadcast;Character

Because of some unknown reasons, Dori and his younger sister Coco were adopted by good-hearted villagers in the sweet potato village when they were very young. In the beginning, Dori had no obvious difference from other children in the sweet potato village, and they played together happily. With the growth of age, the appearance of Dori and his younger sister gradually changed to be different from that of the other children: their skin was getting yellow and yellow while other children’s skin became red and red. Other children began to make fun of Dori, were no longer willing to play with him, so Dori became very depressed. Dori’s mother felt very sad for his troubles. She sewed a red dress for Dori and a pink one for Coco. From that day on, Dori was always in that red dress, dreaming that one day he could become the best sweet potato. In order to realize his dream, he was not afraid of taking risks to travel and overcoming all the difficulties.