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Chengdu lianchuangzhong Entertainment Culture Development Co., Ltd

  • Product category
    Cartoon characters, Virtual idols;Museum/Musesum authorized agent;Curator/Curation company;Independent artist/studio

Chengdu lianchuangzhong Entertainment Culture Development Co., Ltd. is a professional organization focusing on the national style / national tide culture MCN jointly established by Sichuan Emei film group and Yishan culture. In order to promote the core values of socialism, promote the creative transformation, innovative development and reconstruction of traditional classics of Chinese excellent traditional culture, and create digital cultural products with Chinese characteristics and styles New business forms, carry forward the theme and spread positive energy. The company's business focuses on incubation, building KOL in Guofeng field and incubation and development of Guofeng IP, mainly in the form of short video and other new media communication, gathering experts and talents in Guofeng field, forming the first IP matrix of Sichuan Regional Guofeng, integrating cross-border resources of multiple industrial chains such as science and technology + culture + real economy, and realizing sustainable development of content. The company's team comes from the top Internet platform executives in China and the operation team of the first-class performing arts group in China, with advanced experience in cultural IP incubation operation field.