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Stand No: Suntec Singapore Level 4 4B3-08
Country / Origin: USA
Verizon Digital Media Services has the industry-leading, end-to-end digital media platform to prepare, deliver, display and monetize online content. Built on the world's most connected network, it features 125+ points of presence on six continents, powering high-quality websites and apps for the world’s largest publishers anytime, anywhere.



Broadcast/OTT Solution
Verizon's Broadcast/OTT Solution makes OTT simple for content owners and publishers. Verizon handles the technical heavy-lifting so that consumers can focus on providing great and building their brand and monetizing their audience. The company also handles a true turnkey solution, from ingest to playout to monetization enablement. The pricing model is simple – only pay for encode, storage and streaming. All the other advanced features come bundled for free! The company’s Edgecast Content Delivery Network and 24 x 7 NOC support also means the videos are always being monitored from ingest to consumption.

Volicon Media Intelligence service
Our Volicon Media Intelligence service transforms the way you create, share and monitor your broadcast product. · Records all broadcast media, including programming and broadcasts from partners and competitors · Monitors broadcast quality, report faults and reviews the impact of detected errors for true end-to-end visibility into the broadcast and over-the-top delivery chain · Enables different groups to perform content repurposing, publishing to web and social media, legal and regulatory compliance, content review and quality-of-experience monitoring · Allows multiple users to collaborate from anywhere at any time with a web-based interface · Ensures compliance with regulation or licensing requirements