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Stand No: Suntec Singapore Level 6 6D3-01
Country / Origin: UK
Broadcast Bionics are developers of the BIONIC STUDIO – the industry standard system for talkshow, incorporating Skype TX for Radio (PhoneBOX) social media (OASIS) and visualisation (Virtual Director). As global leader in software development and hardware distribution, unique relationships forged with the world’s leading broadcasters and suppliers enables Bionics to innovate products, and deliver services which create compelling contribution led programming. New for this year, see new ways to harness metadata facilitating object based production.



The Bionic Studio
The Bionic Studio
The Bionic Studio is a suite of products for Calls on Air, Social Media and Radio Visualisation. Powerful and feature rich, it provides the user with all the tools they need to consolidate live contribution in one seamless workflow, allowing them to concentrate on making great radio without technology getting in way. Centralised database and production tools allow on air and production teams to work collaboratively harnessing the power of the software.