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Stand No: Suntec Singapore Level 6 6D4-01
Country / Origin: MALAYSIA
Stagetec Asia specialises in audio infrastructure network for live sound and broadcast industry. An exclusive partner of Stage Tec GmbH, a Berlin based manufacturer of broadcast grade professional audio mixing consoles and audio/media router. Stagetec Asia is also partnered with other brands in the market such as DHD, Linear Acoustic, Minnetonka, RTW, Zenon Media, MobileMobile Viewpoint, Tieline, Riedel, ASL, Sonifex, ADAM Audio, AVT, Direct Out, Yellowtec, and For. A.



AVATUS is the future in audio consoles. This innovative concept makes full use of the benefits offered by IP technology. The console controller provides TCP/IP connectivity for integration into a network. The surface consists of one large or several smaller modules. This design allows, for example, for separate installation of the metering displays. The system supports remote network connections and even browser-based mixing that requires no specific hardware. With AVATUS, all hardware modules are created equal. Every touchscreen gives full access to all configuration settings and central desk functions. - The ultimate flexible and limitless concept!